Product Technical Information

Tube Occluding Forceps  | Hemostat

PART # OC100 & OC10

Plastic Premium Grade

  • Measurements:  (4.3″length x 3.0″width, closed +/-.075  variance)
  • Occlude PVC, Silicone, Rubber medical grade tubing from 1mm-8mm
  • Smooth jaws prevent damage to tubing
  • Jaws remain aligned when tubing is occluded
  • Available in Dark Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Sky Blue & Pink
  • Manufactured in USA 
  • Manufactured in ISO Certified Facility
  • Composed of lightweight durable nylon (nylon 66)
  • Aluminum rivet prevents rust when cleaning 
  • To clean, follow medical device cleaning protocols established by facility
  • Product is clean, not sterile. Disposable. Single Use Recommended.
  • Clamps can be reused if cleaned between use.
  • Follow warning labels on cleaning solutions.
  • Do not use strong acid-based cleaners.
  • Clean with warm water and a detergent, mixed in a sonic cleaner.  Diluted bleach solutions and/or bleach wipes are acceptable.
  • Bleach can cause discoloration of the plastic.